Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Variations on a Building

Since I don't have a tilt shift lens or the ability to be 5 floors up in the air across from this building, I used the perpective adjustment in the crop tool in Photoshop.  But I must not have been exactly in the center of this building when I shot it because I can't seem to get everything (side walls, roof, windows) to come out square.  Well, not square in shape but in 90 degree angles.  I kept readjusting only to find another part went cattywampus. Anyway, I liked this building for all the repeating elements.  It had a bland blue sky behind it, and a little lens flare on top of that so I added some texture.  In the black and white version I decided it was too skinny and used Free Transform to widen it up a bit. I think of all the versions I prefer the cropped one, but would appreciate any feedback.  Does the out-of-round smoke stack or whatever that is, bother anyone else?  I have no idea how to get that thing back to normal, or if it is even worth the attempt.


  1. I agree with you. I like the cropped version. The smoke stack doesn't bother me in the cropped version. I like what happened when you added the texture. Sometimes I use free transform - warp- in this situation and just play with it. Good job.

  2. What a terrific old building! You had a good eye to realize its potential as a photographic subject!

    I like all three shots but the top one is my favorite! I love the tonality of this one and the textured sky and I like being able to see the entire building. I think you did an excellent job with perspective control on all three images and really, who expects an old building like this to be perfectly square anyway?

    Well done!

  3. I think I like the ones with the smoke stack too. I also like the texture (what a surprise). What if you selected around the smoke stack and brought that to a new layer, then skewed it back to normal? Then did some edge clean up? Might work. Nice shot and good eye.

  4. I like the first version also. That texture works very well with the building. It looks like an old time photo someone dug up from an old chest.

  5. Top version for me too. I suppose I shouldn't let on, but I probably wouldn't have noticed anything abnormal about the stack if you hadn't told me. I would have just assumed it was constructed that way back in the day.