Monday, January 25, 2010

All Together Now...

While looking through some old folders I found this shot I had never processed.  It was taken on the Galveston side while heading out on the ferry to Bolivar Penninsula in July 2008.  I remember being impressed that all the birds except one on the left seemed to have spread themselves out in a perfect formation, almost like they are about to give a performance.  It was taken a little after 9 am and so not in the best light, but still worth a shutter click to me.
Nikon D200, 70 - 200mm lens at f8 and 1/1000th with a -1/3 exposure compensation,
ISO 100


  1. Simple but very effective photograph.

  2. Looks like they are deciding which direction will net them the best opportunity for food. Cute shot. Like Larry said, simple but effective.

  3. very nice shot. they do look like they're ready to perform, don't they?