Saturday, August 27, 2011

Boscoe Goes For a Ride

Boscoe came in to Friendswood Animal Control in June.  He is some kind of American Bulldog mix and since that is a "bully" breed, he had to be temperament tested in order to be adopted.  This guy is a marshmallow and passed with flying colors.  Even in the stressful environment of the shelter in the heat of the summer, he was always a calm, friendly, happy dog.  Still, he was never chosen to be adopted.  Finally a member of my animal rescue group took him into her home as a foster, with her 4 other rescued dogs.  He is living the good life now but needs a forever home. So, we decided he needed some new pictures showing how "cool" he is, and I had several ideas but going for a ride in a red convertible with a beautiful girl is the one we shot recently.  Boscoe had a fabulous time going around and around a subdivision in Friendswood that was bought out and has only 3 homes now but the streets and lots are maintained by the city.   We shot about 7 pm at night and I wanted to use a slow shutter with a flash on rear sync so I could get the motion blur of the car but also freeze Boscoe so he would be sharp...I never got the perfect shot, but below is very much like I envisioned, just Boscoe has too much blur:
Still, we got several shots to use and post on Facebook.  Hopefully someone will decide they really need to adopt such a cool dog!
A few more of some we liked: