Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jinx, a Few Months Older

 This is my vet's little Yorkie puppy, who I first photographed back in January and posted here. Jinx has changed a lot in just 3 months as all puppies do --- his ears grew considerably and his fur has turned mostly silver. He is such a tiny, sweet, silky-soft little guy but he did not stay still for more than a shot or two this time.  Back at the beginning of April I had been photographing her rescues in this field on a high overcast day, using my SB900 Speedlight in my hotshoe but it kept overheating and did not fire for Jinx's shots.  I was able to brighten him up enough in post-processing and darken the field around him to make him stand out better, using Color Efex Pro's Darken-Lighten Center.

Monday, May 30, 2011

More Kittens!

This new litter of kittens is now ready to be adopted at Friendswood Animal Control.  They survived going through a car wash in the bed of a truck!  The truck's owner did not know they were there or where the mama cat was so they were bottle fed by a volunteer with Second Chance Pets and are now eating solid food.  The black kitten is the only male.

Cheese Puff

Jack Sparrow



Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pretty Sadie

This is the mama cat of the kittens I posted yesterday.  At first she was thought to be feral, but after her kittens were weaned a volunteer took her home to work with her and it was discovered that she was severely undernourished, and basically very stressed and frightened to be in the kennel at the pound.  She is a very friendly small cat who looks to maybe have some Burmese in her lineage, with those gorgeous blue eyes and her light fur.  She gets along great with the foster's dog too so would probably be fine in a home with dogs who like cats.  She has gained weight already in just one week and was spayed and vaccinated so is all ready for a new home.  Please share her information as it is going to be very hard on her to be sent back to the city pound.

If anyone is interested, the template I used for this blog post is free from Michelle Kane Photography if you "like" her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Michelle-Kane-Photography/246282787075?sk=app_100527483349677.

Friday, May 27, 2011

They Were Irresistible

 Another litter of some extremely cute kittens were weaned and quickly adopted at Friendswood Animal Control.  Great news, but more came in as soon as these were adopted, and if anything they are even cuter!




Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Art for Animals

I recently applied, and have been conditionally approved, to become a member of an organization of volunteers called HeARTs Speak.  It is a group of artists who use their choice of medium to promote animal rescue.  Quoted from their site: 
A compelling photograph can reach into the heart of a potential adopter, and bring an animal one step closer to a long-life outside of a shelter. An artist can be a life-changer, and that is priceless. HeARTs Speak was created to harness the power of art to effect social change, to connect artists with shelters and animal relief organizations, and ultimately, to save and better the lives of animals and people.
 I can't think of anything I would rather do more these days, so I am very glad to have been considered to join such a great group.
And I cannot post without a photograph or two, so below is a darling dog who my husband and Jenny (pictured holding the dog at Friendswood's Concert in the Park) were able to save recently from being hit by cars while running down the very busy FM 528.  Jenny is fostering him for Tails-n-Transition and has named him Matthew because he was so covered in matted fur that his skin was about to tear and you could not even tell what size he was.  He is such a friendly, happy, lovable dog that you cannot be around him without smiling. He gets along well with other dogs and seems to be fine with children too, though he does seem a little too "interested" in cats.  He has been vaccinated and neutered by Dr. Susan Pickle at Alvin Friendswood Vet Clinic and is all ready for a new family!

Monday, May 23, 2011


Little Joe

These darling puppies are available for adoption through Tails-n-Transition at Alvin Friendswood Vet Clinic.  The mama and just-born puppies were found subsisting on their own in the woods in the Woodlands area about 2 months ago.  The brown and white one pictured above is not one of her original litter but was found alone by another person and added to her litter, and the mama accepted him.  He is a little younger than the other two.  Shawn is the son of one of my rescue group members and he has been socializing them --- hard work!  They keep him running all over but then allow time for petting and hugs too.

Shawn with Princess Aurora

Shawn with Little Joe


The two boys
The mama dog, Ladybug, is so sweet and friendly that the foster family cannot bear to let her be adopted and are keeping her, along with 3 other rescued dogs they already have!
But the puppies have had their first set of vaccines and are about to be spayed or neutered and are available for adoption.  Call 281-992-7500 if you are interested.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another Life Saved

This is Thimble, a little Maltese with a bad heart who was saved along with her brother Chigger by Dr. Pickle back in February.  Thimble needed surgery on her heart so donations were collected by Tails-n-Transition, the surgery was performed by a specialist in April, and she recovered in a foster home until she was healed and could be adopted.  I saw her just days after her surgery and she looked so content and relaxed in her foster mother's arms.

And now she is in her furever home! 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fosters in the Flowers


These are some recent shots I took for the Tails-n-Transition rescue group.  All of these dogs were or are in foster homes but only a few of them are in forever homesSpring is a very busy season when there are many homeless animals who need rescuing, so please keep them in mind if you are thinking of adding a new member to your family.

Simba, a puppy    
Chewie has been adopted!

Jilly has been adopted!
Leo, traveled on the Rescue Transport to a foster on the East Coast        
Toby Too
And finally, the poster child of Tails-n-Transition whose escape and rescue from deathrow at BARC is what inspired the creation of that rescue group, Miss Rosie:

Rosie, adopted and adored