Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jinx, a Few Months Older

 This is my vet's little Yorkie puppy, who I first photographed back in January and posted here. Jinx has changed a lot in just 3 months as all puppies do --- his ears grew considerably and his fur has turned mostly silver. He is such a tiny, sweet, silky-soft little guy but he did not stay still for more than a shot or two this time.  Back at the beginning of April I had been photographing her rescues in this field on a high overcast day, using my SB900 Speedlight in my hotshoe but it kept overheating and did not fire for Jinx's shots.  I was able to brighten him up enough in post-processing and darken the field around him to make him stand out better, using Color Efex Pro's Darken-Lighten Center.

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