Monday, May 23, 2011


Little Joe

These darling puppies are available for adoption through Tails-n-Transition at Alvin Friendswood Vet Clinic.  The mama and just-born puppies were found subsisting on their own in the woods in the Woodlands area about 2 months ago.  The brown and white one pictured above is not one of her original litter but was found alone by another person and added to her litter, and the mama accepted him.  He is a little younger than the other two.  Shawn is the son of one of my rescue group members and he has been socializing them --- hard work!  They keep him running all over but then allow time for petting and hugs too.

Shawn with Princess Aurora

Shawn with Little Joe


The two boys
The mama dog, Ladybug, is so sweet and friendly that the foster family cannot bear to let her be adopted and are keeping her, along with 3 other rescued dogs they already have!
But the puppies have had their first set of vaccines and are about to be spayed or neutered and are available for adoption.  Call 281-992-7500 if you are interested.

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