Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pretty Sadie

This is the mama cat of the kittens I posted yesterday.  At first she was thought to be feral, but after her kittens were weaned a volunteer took her home to work with her and it was discovered that she was severely undernourished, and basically very stressed and frightened to be in the kennel at the pound.  She is a very friendly small cat who looks to maybe have some Burmese in her lineage, with those gorgeous blue eyes and her light fur.  She gets along great with the foster's dog too so would probably be fine in a home with dogs who like cats.  She has gained weight already in just one week and was spayed and vaccinated so is all ready for a new home.  Please share her information as it is going to be very hard on her to be sent back to the city pound.

If anyone is interested, the template I used for this blog post is free from Michelle Kane Photography if you "like" her on Facebook:

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