Sunday, December 18, 2011

Labrador Love

That face.  Always close by, waiting patiently.  She is so good with the shenanigans of the  younger dogs. It is because of her calmness around all of the cats we have fostered that the others don't get riled up about having felines in their midst.  She has been the best dog model from the day I picked up a camera.  It has been a while since her sweet face has been on the blog so I thought it was time.

Friday, December 16, 2011


I love finding her everywhere I go around the house.  
Everything she does is cute or funny.
She is soft and warm and demands to be petted.
It is so hard to be firm with her about not getting on the table, 
or counters, or begging for tidbits.  
Yep, we're smitten.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


This is not the best time of year for a broken bone, but that's what I ended up with.  Two weeks ago while walking my pack, one of them wrenched the leash from my hand when he went after a stray dog.  I did not fall on it so thought my wrist must be sprained.  That same wrist was shattered 20 years ago and I never got full use of it so it is not very strong.  First I tried wrapping my wrist area but that was not enough so then I bought a wrist brace and still had a lot of pain and "crunching" when I moved my fingers or hand too much so I finally got an x-ray done last Friday.  Now I have a very cool new kind of cast --- it is plastic heat-molded to my forearm, waterproof and removable for short periods for cleaning the skin.  Having my arm stabilized has made a big difference...but not enough to allow me to decorate or go Christmas shopping, etc...or at least that's my story!  No more extend-able leashes for my heathens, I have ordered a runner's leash system that goes around your waist for hands-free walking.  Now if I can just keep from tripping over them...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's Official

Mike and I decided that we could not give up the latest cat we have been fostering, Clove, and we have adopted her.  All of the cats and kittens we have fostered so far have been adorable and we came close to failing at fostering every one, but something about Clove makes her irresistible. She is so sweet and calm and gentle and all 4 dogs get along with her so well.  Plus, Friendswood Animal Control has been overflowing with cats for months and adoptions have been very slow, so by our taking Clove out of the system we hope another cat will be adopted in her place.  We are enjoying her so much --- she is small, quiet, easy to clean up after, and just so fun to watch as she investigates everything.