Friday, December 16, 2011


I love finding her everywhere I go around the house.  
Everything she does is cute or funny.
She is soft and warm and demands to be petted.
It is so hard to be firm with her about not getting on the table, 
or counters, or begging for tidbits.  
Yep, we're smitten.


  1. You certainly have a way with the animals. How you get them to sit still for you is nothing short of amazing. Every time I bring out a camera and point it at our dog or my grandson they want to walk towards it and touch it or stick a nose on it (the dog).

  2. For me, photographing animals is very similar to children. You kind of have to wait them out, until they don't care about the camera pointing at them anymore. It takes patience, for sure, and lots of bad shots too. One of my dogs just can't stand it when I put the camera to my face, I guess the loss of eye contact freaks him out and he just can't look at me with that big black thing there. Treats work great too :), for both 2 and 4 leggers.