Friday, January 22, 2010

Dollars and Cents

Part of an antique cash register at Pappa's BBQ


  1. I'm playing devil's advocate on this one. Would it have had more impact showing the whole register in vertical format? With your note we know what it is, and we may have been able to guess, but it might be better if it could tell us on it's own.

    On the other hand, it's great you spotted it and were able to see it as a photo op. I'm not sure whether they have one of these at any other Pappas, but I'm also not sure I would have noticed. Good eye spotting it.

  2. I wasn't intending this shot to be a fine art image, but was in the zone looking for Get Rhythm opportunities and saw the repeating numbers, so chose to zoom in on those. Also, the cash register was backlit on a windowsill with a view of the parking lot, so not a lot of composition choices either. I should have done some perspective adjustment on this too, but did a pretty quick edit! Just thought it was an interesting closeup and was practicing the opportunity to increase my ISO a lot and get an interior shot. And you are right, a little bit lazy!

  3. Okay. Without any comment on what your topic was I never would have put the two together. If you carried a tri-grip or another type diffuser, the backlight would not be a problem when you get these opportunities.