Monday, January 18, 2010

Lessons in History

One of my very least favorite classes in school and college was always History.  I thought it was boring and too hard to remember the dates of wars, reigning rulers, etc.  I guess opposites really do attract because History has to be my husband's very favorite topic and the TV is usually tuned to the History Channel when he is watching. Maybe after 32 years of being forced to listen or maybe it was the method the subject was presented back then (almost always with textbooks) but sometimes now I actually do find certain historic topics interesting.  I can relate so much better when being in the actual place while something from the past is being discussed and on a recent trip to Houston that was the case as we drove around the warehouse district looking for photographic subjects.  I could almost imagine what life was like around the railroad tracks,the shipping and packing warehouses and the old neighborhoods.  The old homes and buildings have such interesting architectural elements, old writing, antiquated technology, lots of things to explore.  I wish we could get inside some of those places, don't you know there would be great walls and halls and places to shoot, especially with the right model.  This shot was in the Harrisburg area, the old industrial part of Houston that was in its heyday in the 20s, 30s, 40s, or so.  I thought the old telegraph pole was really interesting, but the shadows at that time of day cut across the great front facade of this old warehouse, so I focused on the tracks and downtown in the distance.
Nikon D700, 24 - 70mm 2.8 lens at f11 and 1/250th, ISO 200

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