Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This wall and interesting metal sign above the door caught my eye, I think it is a club.  There are no windows visible and a side door says 410 Bistro and Lounge...but I am not sure I would want to eat any food served there.  This building is to the immediate left when standing in the parking lot facing yesterday's post, the State National building. 
I think Texas is the cross street.
Nikon D700, 24 - 70mm lens at f6.7 and 1/90th, ISO 200


  1. I like the exposure, colors and the old brick wall. I think the composition is lacking. I'm going up to the door and stopping. Nothing on the left side of the photo does anything. My eyes just stop at the door. I have to force myself to look down the wall to the left.

    I'm thinking if you had approached this from the other direction and angled it from left bottom to top right, ending at the door, it would have worked. The only negative with that is you would not see the four, unless it's on both sides of that sign.

  2. That would indeed be a dance club. They serve plenty of liquor, but no food. =)