Monday, January 11, 2010

Poor Pearl

It is almost like she can hardly bear to think of the next round of Heartworm treatment that she has to go through today and tomorrow.  For those who don't know, she tested positive for Heartworm after her last checkup, although when we first found her 2 years ago her test came back negative. I did not know that when they have a negative result they are not tested again for two years. I have given her the monthly preventative along with the other dogs and although I had heard that was the wrong thing to do when they have heartworms, her vet seems to think in her case it may have prevented new worms from growing and was actually beneficial.  Her first dose was given a month ago after an x-ray showed she had a "low burden" of worms in her heart and no evidence of liver damage, so at least that was good news.  However, the treatment and spending the entire day at the vet's was extremely traumatic for her and we have to give her tranquilizers before this next round because an increased heartrate is to be avoided at all costs at this stage. And not only once, but she has to go through it all again on Tuesday.  So, she really is going to be feeling pitiful for a while, poor Pearl.


  1. Great shot of Pearl. You really did a good job on the exposure. Sorry to hear about the heart worms but I'm sure she'll pull through.

  2. Beautiful dog. Great job on exposure.