Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fuel for my Obsession

No, not so much an OBSESSION, but I really do like images with blur, and I have a love/hate relationship with my Lensbaby lenses. Love in that I really really like the distortions those lenses give but hate because I struggle to get what I want sharp. Sometimes I feel like the distortion around the edges of a Lensbaby shot adds a whole lot to the mood of the image.  Not everything should be shot with a selective focus lens (although it is pretty big right now with wedding photogs) and for me I must have an area of sharp focus however small it may be, but I have seen some images that others have taken with nothing really sharp and they just speak to my soul somehow...almost like dreamscapes. So, when Lensbaby had a call for submissions for a forthcoming book I entered the allowed 2 images and while I did not get a shot chosen to be published in the book (12 were selected out of almost 2000 submissions) I did get this Succulent featured as one of 136 or so Honorable Mentions.  Yay!

That makes me want to snap on a LB lens and keep trying.
Check out the Winners of the book and the Honorable Mentions and see if some of these images aren't pretty interesting:

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