Sunday, January 31, 2010

And Now for Something Completely Different

No more birds for the moment. And I  did not find a nest of snakes on Eastbeach, just some sand ripples.  In ACR I increased the exposure, blacks, vibrance and clarity.  In CS3 I added a Curves layer for contrast and a Levels layer, then ran the Popsickle action by Kubota and sharpened with Smart Sharpen.


  1. You are developing an eye for the abstract features of nature. It is good that you are exploring the many possibilities of photography.

  2. I really like this shot Cindi. I took it into LR2 and played around with some presets just to see what else you could do with it. If you get time, try it for yourself. I also think there is more potential for this one as a texture somewhere down the line.

    I emailed you a version that was cropped down from the top a little to keep the eye from going too far out of the photo. It may or may not work any better for you than the original one here. Let me know what you think.

  3. Thanks very much for the various versions, Doug. I agree, cropping it down does work better to keep your eye in the image...or maybe I could vignette it...I don't really know what can be done with this kind of shot so I appreciate all your attempts. I have another shot that seems better focused (the metadata says I shot it at f40!?? while this one was f4.8) I was thinking along the lines of editing it to look the most like snakes as possible, and had not considered "texture" in general, so I'll have to try some other things. But I don't have Lightroom...