Monday, January 25, 2010

Stations of the Cross

This series of crosses is on St. Joseph's Catholic Church.  I did not darken the area around the one cross, it seems to have the background missing and replaced with screen.  When editing it I knew I wanted to try a black and white conversion of some kind and thought I would post some of the variations I tried.  I thought it was really interesting how different the image looks and how much the bricks change by choosing certain filters in the black and white adjustment layer drop down menu.  The top image is the basic edit, the second image is the Photoshop black and white adjustment layer with the high contrast blue filter, the third image is the PS layer with the green filter chosen, the 4th image is very close with no filter chosen but a curves layer added for more contrast and the final image is a Pioneer Woman Vintage action. On all of the black and white versions I also ran a Kubota Black and White Modern action that adds a little warmth to the cool tones of a regular black and white converion. I prefer the High Contrast Blue and the Vintage versions the most.  I did try replacing the fence with a copy of the blank top section of bricks, but decided I like the fence there.  However, in the lower right I removed an airconditioner behind the fence.  So do you have a preference?
Nikon D700, 70 - 200mm lens at f4.8 and 1/250th, ISO 200


  1. I like #5 (the last one). Stations of the Cross - was there any inscription on them?

  2. It is amazing how different processing gives the same photo a totally different look and feel. This is unusual for me, but, I think I like the color version the best. I like the contrasting colors of yellow/orange and blue. Also, the color version seems to better show how different the crosses are from each other.

  3. I shot this wall from across the street but zooming in on this image in Photoshop there are no inscriptions on the crosses. I don't know if the fact that there are 12 crosses has anything to do with the Stations of the Cross (I am not Catholic) or if that number is just a coincidence.