Friday, January 15, 2010


It helps inspire me so much to go somewhere new, or in this case somewhere I have not been for quite a while.  So many interesting things caught my eye on this trip to Galveston.  I really wanted to take some images with my new-ish camera and this time I had the 70 - 200mm lens on.  Other than a drive down to East Beach right after Ike hit, I haven't been on that end of the island in a long time. I don't know that I have ever gone to the beach in January either.  When I saw these fenceposts with only grass and sky surrounding them, I thought of a photo club assignment coming up of Less is More, or basically Minimalism.  They would also fit for Get Rhythm, or repeating elements so I wonder which is a better fit?  I noticed that the 70 - 200mm lens seems to be vignetting sometimes on the D700, and that is not something I ever had using it on the D200. 
But I like it.

Nikon D700, 70 - 200mm 2.8 VR lens at f2.8 and 1/3000th first image and 1/2000th second image , ISO 200


  1. I like the color version. It gives me more details to consider. Perhaps for a theme of "less is more", you should remove most details?

  2. I think you should get rid of the bland sky altogether and focus on the grasses and markers.

    Did you have any kind of filter on the lens? I know my full frame catches filter edges unless it's one of the thin profile ones.

  3. Another thing. Quit whining about what your old camera did. You have a much better piece of gear than before. You just need to get used to what it can do for you.

  4. I did not mean to appear like I was complaining about my D200, just the opposite --- I am surprised that it seems fine with my big lens and yet the latest camera vignettes with it. I do have UV haze filters on most of my lenses, the 70 - 200mm included, and they are probably not the thinnest ones available. It seems to vignette no matter what focal length I am zoomed in or out. I also have the hood on, maybe it is not turned correctly.

  5. No, you were complaining about the D700. That's the one I said to quit whining about. It's a better camera.

    I think you need to take the UV filter off of the full frame and try it without it. See if that solves your problem with the vignetting.