Friday, January 29, 2010

Sanderling Ballet

Or maybe he is just stretching.  If these are not Sanderlings, I apologize, I am still learning to identify birds.  These little guys are fast, skittering all over the place and stopping for a quick peck in the puddles.

Nikon D200, 70 - 200mm lens with 1.7 teleconverter 
top image at f4.8 and 1/2000th with a -.67 exposure compensation, ISO 200
bottom image f9 at 1/750th, no exposure compensation, ISO 200


  1. I'm at odds with the first shot. It's not sharp, but something about it doesn't fit for me. I like the unusual pose you managed to catch.

    I like the bottom shot with nice focus on the eye, a catch light and the reflection. I think a slight crop up from the bottom, almost square would work better here. You don't really need all that negative space in the foreground. I would crop the same from the bottom as you have at the top. Nice job.

  2. Animals are amazing to watch. You cannot help but wonder why the bird is standing on one leg. Good timing on catching this one.