Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Spiderman Lives Here

One more interesting find that Shirley and I came on after our Bay Area Photo Club trip to Discovery Green and the Co-Cathedral. She may remember what street this was on, but I was lost. Not a soul was around except for us and I was really glad it was daylight.

Nikon D200, 18-70 lens at f4.5 and 1/45th, -.67 exposure compensation, ISO 100, shade whitebalance
Post processing: increased the exposure, blacks and vibrance in ACR, in Photoshop adjusted for perspective and cropped, ran Enter the Dragon's Lair by Kubota and reduced opacity to 45%, FudgeSickle by Kubota at 40%, Touch of Dark on lettering above gate, sharpened with the highpass filter in Overlay.


  1. Cool shot Cindi! I've never seen this downtown before! Thanks for sharing it!


  2. I think that the sign makes this one--spider luring people into her web.

    The photo has lots of details that keeps your eyes moving and your brain thinking.

    Good job.l

  3. Spiderman is a good guy. He would have protected you. These are the kind of images that start to tell the real story of an area. This gate was not the cheapest option. I wonder why someone installed it.