Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mosaic Mirror

The same day I shot the red stairs, I also found this decrepit wall with the mosaic mirror. I think this is near the Cotton Exchange building, and a small park with a sculpture but I do not know the street.
There are many birds nesting in the slots at the top of the wall, above the mirror.

Camera info:Nikon D200, 18 - 70 lens at f4 and 1/200th, ISO 100, -.67 exposure compensation, shade whitebalance
Post processing: perspective adjusted, duplicated background in softlight, Curves for colorbalance, ran Lovely and Ethereal action from Pioneer Woman, Hue/sat layer to reduce red, sharpened with the Edge and the Highpass filter on the mirror.


  1. I really like both versions of this shot. The neutral color pallet is great but the textures make the shot.

  2. You may be the only one who a documented the mural in many years. I wonder what the appearance of the wall was when it was new. Someone must have taken a picture at that time.

  3. Great compositions Cindi!

    Well done!

  4. Although I normally like to get-in close, I think I prefer the top photo because it has more context. The earth tone pallet is great. The image is simple and I can get my little mind around it very easily.

    Good job seeing this one and then doing something nice with it.