Monday, July 27, 2009


On the same trip as the previous posts, we found this building with interesting blue painted plywood covering the doors, I think it is abandoned. While I was framing a shot of the architecture, birds started flying between the buildings and for some reason I can't put my finger on, I liked this frame. Probably a different time of day would have given me better light on the structure, and maybe it should be cropped to just below the arched windows, I am not sure. I tried to process it for a gritty, urban look and used an action from Kubota that I have not liked on images before but cut the opacity back.

Camera info: Nikon D200, 18-70 lens at f6.3 and 180th, ISO 100, -.67 exposure compensation, shade whitebalance

Post processing: Perspective adjusted, removed part of a building above the arched windows, duplicated the background in softlight at 50%, curves layer in luminosity to brighten the shadows, Enter the Dragon action by Kubota, vignette by Kubota, Fibrous Edge by Kubota, sharpened with the highpass filter.


  1. Great capture Cindi! Love the composition and post-processing work! Perfect title too! :-)

    Well done!

  2. You have done a good job on several aspects of the image. The lines are vertical and straight. The way that you have framed the pictures suggests to me that the story is about the whole building but not just the door nor the bird. Sometimes when I am unsure about the crop, it may mean that I have more than one story. Perhaps you have three potential stories. Since the bird was not part of your original intentions, it does not hold a dominant place in the frame; so, it might be difficult to include it and tell the other story. Does including the bird help you to tell one of the other stories? At best, it is now a bonus for the eye if it is included. If you are telling a story about the door, you may want to see if a crop, to magnify the door, will improve the image. The present image could be kept.

  3. Generally, I like the photo--subject matter and the composition. I do agree with you that the harsh lighting is not doing you any favors. You might consider doing a black and white version with some rough film grain if you really want to get a gritty urban look.