Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Resting Place

This was another attempt at a selective focus image, this time I used my Lensbaby Composer. I have had the 3G Lensbaby(aka the Frankenstein lens) for a couple of years and always struggle to get any part of the image in sharp focus so when they came out with a new model that was supposed to be easier to focus I had to have it. I do think it is easier, but still not easy. I was focusing on the statue on the roof of this mausoleum in the Galveston Cemetery when a Mockingbird landed on her head! It may not be very clear in the smaller image so check out the larger one. I also tried black and white and sepia versions of this shot, but prefer the color for the blue sky and the wash of color at the base which was the blooming yellow Coreopsis.

Camera info: Nikon D200, Lensbaby Composer with the f4 aperture ring at 1/3000th, ISO 100, sunny whitebalance
Post processing: increased exposure, blacks and vibrance in ACR. In Photoshop ran the Edge for global sharpening, TechyKolor from Kubota at 50% opacity, Touch of Light on the side of the mausoleum and the flowers, sharpened with the highpass filter in softlight.


  1. This is probably a personal hang-up, but this guy, who does not own or have only used a lensbaby once, thinks that it is used best when you are closer to your subject so that you can easily see the difference between the in-focus and out-of-focus aspects of the photo.

    I like the basic photo--composition and colors. But, I just do not think the lensbaby helped the image. Sorry.

  2. Don't feel bad Cindi! Patrick just said the image I posted today was "like a bad haircut"! :-)

    I like this image, especially the full sized print you presented last night. I think the club's judges have been pretty consistent about not liking lensbaby shots so you showed a lot of guts to present it!

    Well done!