Saturday, July 18, 2009

Make My Day

Ok, I will give those people who are not fans of the Lensbaby a break, even if I do like all the distortion and blur. This image was another attempt at selective focus but then I thought too much and decided it was just a shallow depth of field shot and did not meet the criteria for the assignment. Mike wanted me to get more of the inside of the barrel, but for me this is plenty!
Camera info: Nikon D200, 60mm macro lens at f3.2 and 1/13th, with a flash in a softbox on camera left at 1/8th power.
Post processing: Touch of Light on the barrel, Touch of Dark on the textured area below the barrel, Fade to Black and White by Kubota at 50% opacity, the Edge and the highpass filter in overlay blending mode for sharpening.


  1. I like as a SELECTIVE FOCUS entry. To me it looks like gold!

  2. I just like the gun. Print a large version and place on your front door. You will never have any problems.

  3. Nice shot Cindi! I like that you can see inside the barrel at all. I don't remember noticing that in these type photos before!

    Well done!

  4. My favorite of all!! Gun toting females unite!

  5. Pardon me, but I do not want to make your day. Great use of depth of field. Also, really like the simple composition.