Friday, July 10, 2009

Meet Xander

Short for Alexander. He is named after a Russian friend of the family because (according to my sister and his owner) he looks distinguished like he has on a tuxedo...however I have never seen our friend Alex in a tux. What a precious kitten he is! And fast --- even using a flash most of my shots are blurred because he wasn't still long enough for me to get focused. He is more entertaining than any show on TV and a lot more laughs.

Camera info: Nikon D200, 50mm 1.8 lens at f1.8 and various shutter speeds. Window light only in these 3 images.
Post processing: increased exposure, blacks and vibrance in ACR, ran Bring Out the Eyes action, sharpened with the Edge and the highpass filter in Photoshop


  1. I have never been much of a cat person; but, my daughter recently got a black cat. They seem so independant. And like children they move fast. I like that you are usually very good at blurring the background to keep the attention on the subject. I think I can see you in the cat's eyes in the first picture. In the second image I got a funny feeling that his body seemed more blurred than the pillow?? You are so good to be able to talk the cat into shutting one eye for image three. Nice shots.

  2. From someone who has never taken a good "cat" photo, I think you did a good job capturing the essence of this little guy. My favorite is the top image. The slight tilt of his head makes the whole image so much more dynamic and the use of a very narrow depth of field makes you really hone-in on his face.

    Good job.

  3. Wayne, for the image of Xander by the pillow, I think because I was using my 50mm wide open at f1.8 and his body was in a plane angling away from his head, that is why it is oof --- the pillow by his head is sharper than the pillow above his body. I like that lens a lot for how quickly focus falls off but when using it for portraits it is very easy to get one eye in focus and one out of focus if you are not careful to catch the eyes in the same plane...which happens to me a lot!