Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Red Stairs, Redux

I agree with Doug's comment yesterday that there was something off with my compostion of the first red stair image I posted. Yesterday's image is the original one I processed but my sister wanted a print so I thought I would crop it to a size she could easily frame but I think the stairs in the center of the image is not the best composition and then cropping some of the height did not help. Here are a few more versions but these make me wonder if keeping another side of the building in the frame makes it too busy and takes some of the attention away from the stairs which were what originally drew me to take the shots. Also, I think I had to shoot from an angle because I do not have a wide-angle lens that will let me stand across the street and get much of the building in the frame...but if I get back over there it deserves another attempt.


  1. I think that I like the bottom one the most--it makes you think long and tall, which is what I believe was what captured your eye before you took the shot. I would push the colors a little on it to bring out the warm red of the fire escape against the cool blues of the building. Nice work.

  2. I'm with Larry on the choices. I feel the wrap around to the side of the building, and the addition of the long look, really make this image work.

    Nice job on playing around with it. Another reason you don't file 13 all your shots you oringinally thought were horrible. Sometimes we either get better at post processing or our eye becomes more refined and can "see" something that wasn't there before.

    I know; that starts another whole argument.


  3. So far it unanimous - I like the vertical pano the best as well. More of a good thing I suppose.

  4. And I agree with all of you, but the problem is having to get that long narrow image custom matted and framed! It works well for a blog but not so well on the wall...