Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Baby L

This one really WAS an angel. I thought the first baby I tried photographing was the most darling I had ever seen, but this little 4 month old girl surpassed even him. Her personality was so much more animated and she didn't mind all the different things the mom and I tried with her. Disappointingly though, we wore her out in just an hour of shooting, so I have to go back to try all the things we didn't get to, darn. :) I hope I can photograph her as she grows up, what a fantastic subject she is. This time I went to the baby's home and that may have made the difference in how she responded to me. I got too involved in photographing and did not watch my shutterspeeds so got a lot of soft focused shots or movement blur because I chose not to use my flash, even though I took it along. I was afraid it would startle her or cause her to stop her darling expressions and also I was shooting in bursts to catch all the little nuances and did not want to wait for the flash to recycle. Next time I probably will at least try to introduce it and see what happens.
Camera info: Nikon D200, 50mm 1.8 lens at f2.8 and 1/40th, ISO200, cloudy whitebalance
Post processing: increased exposure and blacks in ACR, ran Bring Out the Eyes action, CreamSickle from Kubota but masked off baby's skin, the Edge for global sharpening and PopSickle in softlight to sharpen her eyes


  1. The female viewers will love the image. It’s so cute. The mother’s hand adds to the picture. The baby’s hair color and wall color are compatible. The seam in the wall balances the mother’s leg. I like the lower level of the shot. I see a light source in the baby's eyes at my upper left. Is there a window in the room?
    - But when you go back to try your other ideas, you might like to try some variations. The white shorts bring the eye to the upper right. Would you like to see the mother in a darker color, maybe even a long dress? What would the background add if it was more blurred? Perhaps you would like to see the right hand of the baby either more in focus or more out of focus?

  2. Good work. Although this is a "cute" shot, it is also a well composed photograph. Most importantly, however, you got a good expression on your subject. That is what makes this shot.

    I am not crazy about the bamboo background. I also think this would make a great black and white image.

    Nice work.