Monday, June 1, 2009

Just a few more

A final few images from the Elissa. I did not listen to our great Professor Flash and use my SB 800 for better lighting of the portraits I took on this trip, and learned a good lesson. The next time I will at least try to use fill flash in this kind of situation as the top image of the Captain is rather flat...I had to do several levels adjustments to bring his face out of the shadows and I am not sure it has been completely successful. It is not a horrible portrait, but it does lack punch.
Camera info: Nikon D200 with 24 - 70 mm 2.8 lens for all images, ISO 100, cloudy whitebalance, varying focal lengths and shutter speeds (do you really care?!)
Post processing: the images of the Captain had several levels adjustments and Luminizer by Kubota, and in the bottom image I selected the highlights by going to the Channels palette and dragging the RGB channel to the new layer icon at the bottom, then returned to the Layers palette and multiplied that selection (which was the sky) several times for more depth. I can't remember where I learned that technique. You can apply other adjustments to the highlights such as Levels and Curves, but for this image I chose to Multiply those layers. All images were sharpened with the Edge or PopSickle from Kubota.


  1. I love the detail you have in your images. Bright and vibrant. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great shots Cindi!

    I have really enjoyed all your Elissa shots!