Monday, June 15, 2009

Adding color

This is one of the other set ups I tried while photographing baby A. The brown he is laying on is not carpet but a very soft chenille throw. While I like the earth tones against his skin and I like seeing some color as a change from the previous all-white images, I will try different angles the next time (such as from high on a ladder), as well as clamp my backgrounds differently.
Camera info: same as previous post
Post processing: removed scratches, ran babyskin to reduce red splotches, Creamsickle action from Kubota at reduced opacities, Curves for contrast, the Edge for sharpening, and on the bottom image I also ran Bring out the Eyes action and a Touch of Light to brighten the eyes and the chin as well as the highpass filter in softlight mode.


  1. Contrasting these two with the one that you posted yesterday, I believe that the subject get lost with all the different colors in the foreground and the background. I like the colors you used, but for me they do not say "baby" and they do help set him off in the photograph.

    On a more positive note, the lighting, camera angle and expressions are really good.

  2. Both of these shots are beautiful shots of Baby A but I like the white background from yesterday better as well. You have really nice lighting in all three photos (today's and yesterday's)!


  3. Excellent lighting on both shots Cindi. It's so well exposed I'm not sure the brown hurts, it just has a different look from the white background.

    I would be happy to have a few shots like this in my portfolio.