Monday, June 29, 2009

Glenwood Tree

For those who have never been out to Glenwood Cemetery. I think this tree is the oldest one out there and it is pretty amazing to see how it has spread its limbs among all the graves. There are wires supporting some limbs and I talked to someone there after Ike hit who told me that tree had not been damaged, although others were. The cemetery is not typical of Houston's topography as there are rolling hills and a lot of old majestic trees which makes it very peaceful and serene. There are many interesting statues, with the Weeping Angel being one of the most well known. It is a place that can be visited and appreciated many times.


  1. Good image of an unusual tree in a somber location. The large tree fits the cemetery. Lift springs from death. The sun beams on the lower limbs is a nice effect. Placing two larger tombstones at 1/3 points was good technique.

    Keep the pictures coming!

  2. We should go back on a stormy day and try for good cloud actions.

  3. To my eye, this is a black and white subject--possibly even an infrared black and white. There are so many things in the photograph that make it hard for my mind to sort it all out. I think black and white would help simplify the whole scene. Unusual, but quite good photograph.

  4. Cindi-- this is a great tree and you caught a lovely shot of it!

    For the 37th Edition of the Festival of the Trees blog carnival, we focused on Survivor Trees. Your tree's beauty, age and experience with Hurricane Ike made it a great addition to the post.