Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I waited and waited to catch one of the ducklings when they shook their little wings and I never got a great shot --- either they were turned away from me, other ducklings blocked part of the shot, or in this case I was zoomed too far out and cut off Ping's head, so this is the best of the bunch.
Camera info is the same as previous duckling posts
Post processing: set white and black points in ACR, Curves for contrast, sharpened with the Edge.


  1. That's just wrong to tug on our hearts with the story of Ping!! What a great background. That turquoise blue would be hard to replicate anywhere!

  2. Now, Moose would have gotten in the water and taken these from a very low angle so that this little guy would look like he is conquering the world. But then again, I do think that Moose might have a few screws loose.

    Really good action sequence. You really get the feeling that you are there watching all of this take place. I also really like the square format--as you know I really do not like the 2x3 format of our DSLRs.

    Nice job Moose Cindi!

  3. Beautiful series Cindi!

    Personally I'm not bothered by the cut off head in the last photo; maybe because you gave me two other shots I can look at for that but I don't even think it would have bothered me as a stand-alone shot.

    Well done!

  4. Frankenduck! Who cares about the flat head. I think the "amputated body parts" critique is overplayed anyway. Nice photo(s).