Friday, June 5, 2009

Not to be left out

These images are from the archives, back in the summer of 2005 right after I got my D70 and before I started taking film classes. For the second shot Mike set up the flash for me, in TTL mode I think, and we posed Mags in front of a black background. In the 4 years since then her muzzle has turned white and her hip dysplasia worsened so much she cannot run for the Frisbee anymore but her spirit is still young.
Camera info: Nikon D70, 18 - 70 mm 3.5 - 5.6 lens
Post processing: shot in jpg so only cropped and a levels adjustment


  1. I see you have gone commercial on me with that in your face ad for PetsMart.

    Both of these are nice shots. I find it very interesting how most photographers seem to produce much better photos of what they really like. Your dog photos are really good. Hope to see more of them.

  2. There's the Maggie May that I know! She's such a doll. Cindi, you don't need classes in pet portraiture!!