Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Beautiful Bride

This was my other submission for our photo club's February assignment of Surreal Composite. Thank goodness, the human model is an animal lover and was not offended by my replacing her face with our dog's.  The original portrait was shot in Galveston on our one and only "trash the dress" session and was one of the latest portraits I had shot and since the images submitted for assignments have to be recent, I didn't have a lot of choices.  Every time I do the club assignments I learn something, and this time I had to work a lot on my Photoshop skills in order to get a believable composite. I still have problems with the whiskers...  The birds are actually PS brushes that I downloaded from Jerry JonesThen I had a really hard time trying to get them to look like real birds and ended up layering duplicates in different blending modes, with lots of masking.  FIrst I tried putting wings on the bride --- I knew I wanted something in that negative space on the left, but I never got the wings to look the way I wanted them to.


  1. No matter how much trouble you claim for this image, I have to give you all kinds of extra points for being original.

  2. I am having trouble with this one. I am not sure which is better your creativity or your post processing work. The idea of taking a beautifully posed, lovely, young lady and putting a dot's head on her shows a great deal of imagination and creativity--or somer really bad dreams! The addition of the birds is perfect, especially with the white doves above and black crane below. I run hot and cold on boarders, but I must say this one truly adds to the overall effect.

    Great job.