Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wortham Park

Nikon D700, 24- 70mm f2.8 lens at f11 and 1/125, ISO 200

When we had the big freeze in the Houston area in January I wanted to find the frozen waterwall in the medical luck.  But we did find this park that I was not aware existed ---  Gus and Lyndall Wortham Park at Holcomb and Main, built in 1991 (note, this is not the Gus Wortham golf course).  
Talk about repeating elements!  Ivy colums, waterfall columns (turned off), rows of trees, rows of bedding plants, a reflecting pool with fountains (off too), arbor columns, benches, lattice windows and shadows from all the vertical elements.  It is not possible to shoot all the elements in one frame, and we arrived here late in the morning so the light was turning too harsh but this is a place I would like to return to.  Here is a 3.3 gigapixel panorama of the park taken by David Engle (Texas_Photo) with a Canon SX110 camera but while the waterfall columns do gradually increase in height, they do not curve through the park as this image seems to show : Panorama


  1. I shot some engagement photos here of my nephew and fiance a few years ago. It is a nice location for possible early morning sun, but the later evening sun is much nicer.

  2. But I wondered if there would be a lot more people around in the evenings. Since you were taking portraits having other people in the area might not be too intrusive but it would be harder to shoot wider landscapes. I don't know if any time of day would be very good for that back reflecting pond area --- you would need a number of speedlights to open the shadows under the ivy areas...maybe a cloudy day and a long exposure, or bracketed exposures would work.

  3. I did it on the weekend and no one was there. The golden light is sweet in many areas.