Friday, March 26, 2010

Tim T Has Nothing to Fear From Me

 For the past several years I have noticed ibises at our pond in the spring.  Maybe next year I will remember to stake it out early in the morning and will get some better shots.  I know these are pretty bad and are posted only as a record of the event. This year had to be the most ibises I have seen at one time --- 30.


 The dark area on the far right is the edge of a tree I was hiding behind.  This is about as close as the group came to me and they turned around when they heard my shutter clicking.

A jogger sent the group into flight and they were gone for good.

Since it was just after noon on a cloudless day I had set the camera to underexpose the white birds, but got tons of noise as a result, since I was using my D200.


  1. Good job documenting the event. With that said, controlling DOF effectively is critical to making a statement when shooting wildlife of any kind. Play around with a shallower DOF next time. These photos also seem to have a color cast, maybe on the green side. You might try tweaking that to see if the whites don't pop a little more after that.

  2. Nice shots Cindi!

    I like the flight shots the best but as a group, all of them are interesting.

    If you really want folks to appreciate these shots to have to tell them that you were lying in four inches of stinky mud when you took them! :-)


  3. And that mud is stinky for a reason, bird poop!

    I meant to add that I liked the first photo, but wanted to see it larger. I liked the flight shot with the ground in the background. It gives it scale and a feeling of motion to it.