Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wildflower 7

It seems like every day I notice another plant or flower that I have not seen before.  Now these bulb-shaped ones are emerging in the low, boggy areas near the woods.  Just a few have opened and I must say the bud is much more interesting than the flower.   I did not shoot any opened ones because they had not fully opened --- I thought I would wait for them to reveal more. But unfortunately our fields were finally mowed so I will never know what the blooms look like.


  1. They look like Agapanthus buds, but it's kind of early for them.

    Nice catch of the everyday things we normally walk by.

  2. These are really small, maybe 5 inches in height. The few that were partly open had red and yellow seed-looking things, kind of like in a pomegranate, no petals. I don't know if they will grow back after being mowed but I keep looking for them.