Saturday, March 13, 2010

Seaside Survivors

Nikon D200, 70 - 200mm 2.8 lens at f3.5 and 1/1000th, ISO 200

This was my other submission for our Get Rhythm assignment.  While there are repeating elements in this scene, I am not sure about how "rhythmic" they are.  Maybe the varying heights of the fence posts are like notes going up and down on a scale...According to our assignment the definiton of rhythm is "an ordered recurrent alternation of strong and weak elements" and I don't really see that here but something about the posts being large in the foreground and the palm trees smaller in the distance gives me a feeling of strong main notes and quieter, staccato notes playing in the background.  I just knew I loved the weathered posts standing isolated in the golden grass and with my telephoto lens I was able to change the angle of view so that only the palm trees showed in the distance and not the several stories high condominiums just to the right of the trees.  I did clone out a very interesting little Japanese-looking hut on the left and a wooden bridge on the right, both were back in the palm trees and just did not fit with the theme of repeating elements that I wanted in this one version.  And while I really liked the golden light and the color, for the assignment I chose to covert it to black and white which seems to make the repeating vertical elements stand out more.  Below is the color version.


  1. As we discussed the other night, black and white photographs generally simplify an image. In this case, it really brings the rhythm formed by the post, the palm trees and then the clouds in the sky to the forefront.

    However, what really carries this photo for me is how simple it is and how you are left wondering about the various parts of the photo. Really nice work.

  2. Your images were extremely good.