Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wildflower 3

Nikon D700, 60mm macro lens at f4.8, 1/1500, ISO 1600, -1.5 exposure compensation

This flower is VERY small, about 1/4 inch across and growing in my yard (some people might call these weeds, but any photographer will tell you differently). There is not much detail in the petals and if I had used a tripod when shooting I might have been able to get better detail,  I just thought the tiny hairs on the triangular shaped leaves were interesting.


  1. I like the last three shots of this series. Nice simple shots with controlled DOF. Pretty clean for ISO 1100. You have to look closely to see any noise.

  2. I think I see what Doug considers noise, but I am not sure it is noise. I have seen this type of color smears when shooting at ISO 200 (which in theory has no noise). I read an article about it in a magazine a few years ago, but I forgot what the author said it was. Wish I could be more help.