Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pet Photographer Practice

While I am posting about cats, here is a shot of my sister's kitten Xander, grown up a little since she got him last July.  I have always been a dog person (how serindipitous to have married a Barker!) mainly because I just didn't know any cats.  Now both of my sisters and my parents are owned by cats so I have been around felines a lot more and can appreciate how special they are.  I doubt my 3 canines would ever allow a feline in our home but I have thought about it lately after learning the sad fate of most of the cats in our city's animal shelter.  I am sure I am nearing the limit of pets allowed in households in Friendswood...maybe I should apply for a zoo permit.

What fantastic eyes Xander has!
Nikon D700, 24-70mm lens at f5.6 and 1/125th, ISO 1100
And I can't forget Christina's first cat, Kya.  I have colorcast issues with this image that I just can't seem to resolve.  The walls in that room are a bright yellow, and while daylight was coming in from a window there also may have been some lights (tungsten, halogen, fluorescent?) on.  All I know is her eyes and the comforter she is on are both a beautiful yellow-green-blue color that is not showing up well. So, take my word for it!

I just love her mouth!
Nikon D700, 24- 70mm 2.8 lens at f8 and 1/10th, ISO 800


  1. I actually really like that second image. It has an old world feel to it, with the almost faded colors and the cat seeming to take on a posed appearance.

  2. REALLY nice, sis! My fur children look almost as adorable as they are in real life! Too bad Xander's yellow eyes don't reveal the true depth of his mischievous naughtiness. =)

  3. Nice shots Cindi!

    I like the exposure and composition on both.

    By the way, referring to one's self as a "dog person" has a whole new meaning to me after seeing your surreal composite last month! :-)


  4. As they are presented, I think the second one is my favorite because everything within the frame seems to be consistent with and complementary of the other elements. However, I think if you cropped out the bottom part (light green rug?) and the left side of the first image, I think it would be a little stronger photo. The eyes of the cat would match the background and unite the image better.