Thursday, February 11, 2010

Surreal Composite

Ever since my black and white film class assignment of in-camera Multiple Exposures when my arm miraculously lined up perfectly with a dead tree, I have thought about using my hand for the roots instead of the branches.  When BAPC's assignment of Surreal Composite came up I found this tree with interesting twisted branches and set about making a composite with it.  First I tried one hand and it didn't look right so I had to use both of my hands to match the spread of the branches.  The image evolved with the ghost of a bride, a young child swinging from a branch, and gravestones, all to symbolize the cycle of Life.
I added a texture to age my hands even more and then the water as a source of life.
All that compositing really tested my Photoshop skills and I am sure there are better ways that I do not know for making all the elements more realistic and less pasted on. I cannot imagine how Jerry Uelsmann does his composites in a film darkroom and not a digital one, his work is amazing.


  1. You sound as if you enjoyed the effort on this image so that is important. The ideas and symbols within the picture also are apparent to the viewer. You did a good job.

  2. Nice job. The fingers as the roots of the tree are very cool!

  3. Really strong composite. Tells an interesting story. I think the black and white simplifies the photo so that you can better look at all the interesting elements individually. Nicely done.