Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Galveston Arch

It was too cold for East Beach the last time I was in Galveston, so we drove around looking for interesting architecture.  SOME person I know called this image "rustic" and indeed it is.  However, it has some interesting elements and colors.  Maybe some cloning away of the pipes and the planks of wood would help give it a more European look.  So, would it help, or leave it real?
Nikon D700, 24 - 70 mm lens at f8 and 1/30th, ISO 400


  1. Good decision to leave it like it is. This shot has lots of textures and interest just like it is.

  2. If you clone out the pipes, you need to clone out the conduit running over the top. If you clone out the conduit, you need to clone out the wire on the column. If you clone out the board...who knows. What do you want it to represent?

    I like the "rustic" look of the shot. I like the colors. Maybe if you shot it or cropped it just above the ledge over the arch and below the ledge at the bottom of the window you would have an even different look. Then you would have done everything basically in camera without altering the photo.

  3. Nice composition, colors and textures!

    I like the planks of wood in the shot for their textures (they seem to belong there) but I might see how the shot looks without the water pipes (and plumbing access panel). You could always change it back if you don't think you improved it.

    It's really nice as is though!


  4. Leave it alone. It gives your eye places to wander. I like that.

  5. To me, this photo is carried to a higher level by the small amount of blue and green that is included in the scene. You did a really good job framing the photo.