Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It IS October, not that long until Halloween, but I was not looking out for this orange, yellow and black spider when I went over to lean against the fence and shoot a flowering vine.  It was too windy then so I went back later to the same spot...I hope she built her web during the time I was gone...She is pretty big, probably almost as big as my hand from top to bottom.  I know nothing about spiders, so leave a comment if you can tell me the name of this one.


  1. I believe it is a member of the Orb Weaver Araneidae family. Black and Yellow Argiope - Argiope Aurantia. Go here to look for yourself http://bugguide.net/node/view/1972/bgimage?from=3024


  2. Thanks Doug, I think you're right. Your link shows examples with even the zig-zag in the web.

  3. Creepy! If I had spiders like this in my yard I'd just stay in the house! :-)

    Nice job getting all the important parts in focus!

    If you like the high resolution version enough to print you could crop it to where the spider is right in the middle and use it from breaking photographic rules next week.

    Well done!

  4. I have seen some of these spiders but did not have a name for them. They are big. I always had a difficult time getting the web. You did get the thicker parts in the image.

  5. Wayne, I even took a spray bottle over and lightly misted the web but was afraid if I sprayed too much the spider would move. I could not get any of the droplets to stick to it, but that has worked for me on other webs before. And it was raining off and on but I thought the rain must not have been hitting the web because it was under the horizontal board of the fence and a vine.

  6. I like the softness of the background which really makes your friend pop. Good job keeping something very small in focus.