Friday, October 30, 2009

Another Waterdrop, Two Versions

This past spring I had several blooms on a calla lily plant and every morning for a few days this waterdrop would appear only on this one lily.  I couldn't decide between the wider crop in color with the leaves as a background, or the black and white version that I cropped a little closer and darkened the background to remove the I have posted them both.
Nikon D200 with 60mm macro lens at f3.2 and 1/650th, ISO 250


  1. In the B&W, it is harder to tell what kind of leaf or flower is being used. It could be a banana. You also lost the yellow reflections in the water drop.

  2. Nice shots Cindi!

    I like the color version best. It has plenty of contrast and the various shades of green add interest. The B&W version seems too stark, very graphic but not abstract at all.


  3. I think the color version generates more interest.