Sunday, October 11, 2009

At the Park

This is an image I shot for the Children at Play assignment back in the spring.  This little guy was very happy and energetic. I think he was the first toddler I attempted to photograph and he kept me moving to try to capture his fun as he climbed all over the play equipment.  It was a high overcast day which really helped to avoid harsh shadows, because we did not start until about 9 am.  I had talked to his grandmother beforehand and asked her to dress him in something with solid colors and she really came through with a navy shirt and jeans that coordinated so well with the colors of the play equipment. I thought about submitting this shot for the assignment but was not sure if the "at play" idea was that apparent.  He really was sliding down the slide and every time he would drag one hand behind him this way, which I thought was really cute. Most of the time I shot with my 50mm lens but had switched to the 70 - 200mm here, at f2.8.


  1. I like the composition, the color, the moment, and that wonderful smile. f/2.8 gave you enough depth of field to get his face and the top of the tube in focus.

    The blue tube provides some portico lighting that gives to some light fall-off adding depth to the image inside the tube.

    I might have added a subtle vignette to coral the viewer's eye a bit, but that's just me.

  2. Great shot Cindi!

    You can feel the child's excitement and his smile is contagious!

    Well done!