Saturday, October 24, 2009


I am not the best panner (is that a word?) by far, but I really like action images with a blurred background because it helps to set the subject apart so I gave it a try from a side view as Kelly rode by.   I think my shutter speed was around 1/30th of a second here which blurred the walls just enough but still left the bricks recognizable. I think I had to change lenses to my wide angle zoom, a 24 -70 mm 2.8. I am positive only natural light was used, no flash for sure....I think.


  1. Nice job on a difficult motion shot. You stopped her motion well, panning at 1/30 sec. If you used f/2.8 the narrow depth of field may have helped provide lens blur on the background, as well as the motion blur.

    I probably would have shot it slower and missed the whole shot. Or shot it faster and wasted hours futzing around with motion blur in Photoshop.

    In a perfect world she would have been framed in the center of the dark doors, but that is truly picking serious nits!

    Good work!

  2. Also, you might consider converting this image to black and white and adding a subtle dark vignette. I'll bet you'd like it too.