Friday, October 2, 2009

It's a Big World Out There

Something about this shot appeals to me, maybe like 'here is a little man setting out on his own to who-knows-where'.  I tried a number of times to get a good composition of Little J walking back and forth over this bridge, some with his grandma in the background but the angle of the sun caused the railings to leave very hard and dark shadows across him. In this image I removed one across the center of his back but the others were mostly across his face as he walked toward me.  This bridge is actually just out in the middle of some grass and does not go across water at all.  At any time other than straight up noon I guess it would leave the shadows except on a cloudy day. 


  1. Nice shot Cindi!

    I love these "going away" type shots because they present an unusual point of view. It's not unusual to see someone walking away at all but it is unusual to see photographs of the departure.

    I really like your composition and how you used depth of field in this photo!

    Well done!

  2. Cindi, Cindi, Cindi. Would you want a photo of you taken from this angle?

    It is amazing how kids look good, no matter what angle you photograph them from. This is a really cute photo. I like the composition, the camera angle and the action. Little J is a man on a mission--and you captured that!

    Good job.