Friday, October 16, 2009

Still Breaking Rules

I think the stems that are left after an Agapanthus blooms are really interesting.  They have a sculptural quality that I like but have not been able to capture as well as I want, so this time I tried the Lensbaby and hoped the blur and distortion of the stems along the edges would add to the image...I also thought the bright green spot of sunlight was a good way to frame this one but I wasn't completely blown away by the result, plus the "not impressed" feedback from my judge at home and finally the so-so test print all made me decide to leave this one in the computer.  No texturing was added, although I had framed all my shots on the left side of the frame so to make this centered I had to add a small amount of canvas on the left and there is cloning done there.  The same rules were broken here as yesterday's post ---- not using the Rule of Thirds and not having the subject focused throughout.


  1. I like the framing a great deal. It sets your subject off. It is almost like you used a spot light to illuminate your backdrop.

  2. I like the square crop and the backlit background. The center location for the subject works well for me, because of all those radial leading lines.

    I like the background texture and the focus looks pretty sharp to me for a lensbaby.

    Questions: What aperture disk did you use in the lensbaby? Did you use a tripod with the lensbaby? How was the background lit?

  3. Thanks Charlie. I think the f4 disk was in the Composer, that is what I usually leave in but this was several months ago so I am not positive...but that is still in now and I don't remember changing it for months. That aperture seems to give me a good area of sharpness with some distortion on the edges, but in this case I would have liked more radiating lines so maybe should have used the 2.8. No triod, just handheld. It was difficult because these stems were in a neighbor's flowerbed with other plants and I did not have much choice for background or angle. The background was sunlight hitting the grass, I just used it to frame the agapanthus.