Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lauren on a Ledge, the Last One

I can't believe anyone would be tired of seeing shots of Lauren, but this is probably my last post of her....well I may have to show one of her standing in the snake-infested weeds (according to a passerby) next to the railroad tracks.  This ledge is actually about 5 feet up the wall, no stairs lead to it (Shirley brought a ladder) and Lauren did not hesitate when we asked her to climb up there.  I was thinking the cream walls and her white dress would be too bland and although I added a couple of textures here just because I felt like it, the original image itself is not bland either.  Usually I do not like shadows on backgrounds but here I did like the shape of her profile on the door behind her, caused by a flash.
So maybe I should show the uncropped, untextured shot:

so which one do you prefer --- closer and textured, or uncropped and no texture?


  1. Congratulations on a great set of photos from your outing with Lauren! I think all of them are extremely well done!


  2. The crop was good. In the original image there is more competition from the electrical box and window. Your final crop concentrates on Lauren.

  3. cropped and textured. i really like that shadow for once! it's very interesting with her profile!!

  4. I think I like the cropped version better too. It'd be interesting to see the texture you used because it must have been very subtle -- looks like it warmed it up a bit too.

  5. Definitely like the cropped version for a straight shot. If you are trashing the dress doesn't the uncropped version more closely fit that genre?

  6. Nice portrait, and after seeing the full shot version, I understand why see looks a little uneasy sitting there.

    I do believe that sometimes shadows on the background add depth to the image. I think that is the case here.