Thursday, November 12, 2009

Interpretations of a Sunflower

I have wanted to try photographing a sunflower for a while and just never got around to it until it was time to come up with an idea for our triptych assignment, where each image in the triptych had to be taken by a different photographer and with all the images working together in some way.  I thought Steve, Shirley and I could each shoot a sunflower, or the whole bouquet, in our own particular style while trying to keep the colors consistent so they would combine well for a triptych.  Of course, I chose to use my Lensbaby because I wanted the petals to distort away from the center, rather than a plain old boring macro. :-)  In this shot I also used the +4 close up filter on the Lensbaby, with the f4 aperture ring.  A texture was added to give some interest to the green area.  Like Shirley said, something about sunflowers just makes you happy!  They are very sunny and cheerful looking.

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