Friday, November 20, 2009

Lauren and TTD 3

While we were waiting for the sun to move off the red door in the alley, we went around the corner in front of the Masonic building and were posing Lauren in different ways when we noticed a woman sitting on the curb across the street and watching us.  She asked what we were doing and then told us she had a ton of ideas, and one was for Lauren to peek in the letter slot of the door like she was trying to see inside and she even knew how Lauren should hold her flowers.  So, this shot was posed by the realtor lady showing an open house nearby.  I wanted to include the carving at the top of the door, it almost looks like a heart. You can tell by the shadow the direction of the light but I don't know if it was only the softbox/flash or if the second light was used here also.


  1. I know others will like this shot. For some reason or another it doesn't do anything for me. I just don't feel any connection to it. Exposure is nice, but I think there is too much space over her head.

  2. I like this shot, perhaps partly because it is different.

  3. Fun and intesting shot Cindi! I like the composition choice to include the detail above the door. And once again you did a really nice job with the lighting!

    Well done!