Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lauren and TTD 4

Here Lauren was posed by Shirley for a boudoir style shot.  The sun was coming from behind her, camera left, and a soft box on a stick was coming from camera right or maybe straight on, and possibly even the juice-Fong flash was aimed at her face but suprisingly all that light combined for a softly lit scene.  I think the black and white version looks like a still from a Grace Kelly movie, classic and beautiful.   
Steve has a similar image, but remembers the flash setup differently than I was thinking.


  1. Love the exposure across the shot and highlight in her hair.

  2. Yes, the black and white does look like a still from a Grace Kelly movie, but I really like the color version better. Color combination is so perfect. And, the colors allow the softness of Lauren to show through agains the rough texture of the background. Great use of the sunlight as a back and hair light.

    I do wish that you had taken a shot of your light set-up so that you could have also posted the set-up.

  3. She makes a beautiful young lady in this picture. I prefer the B/W more so for the crop. Nice Job!
    David A.

  4. Lauren seems to glow in this shot. I like this one the best of your series of her. Usually BW is kinder to the skin, but she is just flawless in this color version. It's really superb!!